Gallery of Costumes

A compendium of many, although not all, of my sewing makes.

Reproduction Viking Red Apron Dress with Green Smokkr Shift Reproduction Madder colored Tudor dress. blue velvet medieval Reproduction Tudor dress. Photo and hat by Cate Jinemann.
Renaissance: bodices, skirts, embroidered hat, vest, pants, shirts    top
peasant woman dress peasant woman dress peasant gypsy men middle class middle class dress peasant dress peasant man men shirt
Colonial c.1700s: dress, waistcoat    top
Reproduction 1760s Pet en l'air at CSUS Arboretum May 2022. Simplicity S8578. 1740s Reproduction Outlander Plaid Dress 1770s Reproduction Ljusöga Floral Dress with Caraco Jacket Reproduction 1700s Orange Silk Court Gown. Photo by Andrew Schmidt. Reproduction 1700s short gown Reproduction 1700s cotton pink stripe 1700s dress waistcoat tricornered hat
Georgian c.1790s: round gowns    top
Regency: c.early 1800s: dresses, coats, hats    top
Romantic Era: 1830-1840s    top
1830s Reproduction Plum Day Dresses at Dickens Fair 2018 1830s Reproduction Red Ball Dress 1830s ballgown 1840s Reproduction Fan Front Navy Daydress. Dickens Fair 2016. 1840s Reproduction Fan Front Beige Plaid Daydress. Dickens Fair 2015. Photo by Vivien Lee. 1840s Reproduction Green Plaid Daydress Round Gown. Dickens Fair 2015. 1840s Winterhalter dress reproduction black embroidered white dress
Victorian c.1850-1860 Gaskells: evening ballgowns, dresses, waistcoats, tailcoats, tophat    top
Dickens c.1850-1860: dresses, bonnets    up
Bonnets    top
Reproduction Coal Shuttle Bonnet - Pink Silk Faux Drawn brown silk reproduction faux drawn bonnet reproduction Victorian 1850s day cap reproduction Victorian 1840s day cap cardboard and duct tape bonnet cardboard and duct tape bonnet straw bonnet straw bonnet straw bonnet straw bonnet straw bonnet reproduction early bonnet reproduction bonnet reproductionbonnet reproduction bonnet paisley bonnet reproduction green velveteen bonnet reproduction black velveteen bonnet reproduction black velveteen bonnet reproduction faux drawn bonnet navy blue and green silk reproduction faux drawn bonnet reproduction faux drawn bonnet reproduction calico bonnet
Bustle Dresses c. 1870-80: dresses, waistcoat    top
1890s: dresses    top
Edwardian: dresses top
1910s: dresses    top
1920s: dresses    top
Reproduction 1920s Magenta Evening Dress at Crocker ArtMix April 2023. Photo by Dez Vision Photography. c. 1927 Reproduction Red Koi Dress at PEERS February 2019 1924 Reproduction White with Green Print Dress at Gatsby Summer Afternoon. September 2018. 1924 Reproduction Black Print dress at Grand Island Mansion. April 2017. 1920s Reproduction Linen Suit holding Chartreuse drink 1920s Reproduction Red Orange Coat with Capelet 1920s reproduction Arabian costume 1920s reproduction blue flowered silk dress 1920s reproduction white sailor day dress 1924 seafoam eyelet dress
1930s: dresses    top
1934 reproduction floral rust print evening gown back 1930s reproduction day dress. Photo by Lauren of the Mercury News. 1930s reproduction white day dress 1930ish jade satin dress 1934 Dress
1940s: dresses    top
1940s reproduction women's baseball uniform Kenosha Comets Home
1950s: dresses    top
1960s: dresses    top
Dolores Umbridge Hot Pink Dress 1960s Style. At Harry Potter's Wizarding World January 2019 1966 Reproduction Simplicity 6395 Pink Polk Dot Dress. 1966 Reproduction Simplicity 1609 Black Velvet Dress. Monterey November 2016. 1960s reproduction gray fleece cape 1960s reproduction retro Simplicity 1133 green batik tunic  Front
2010s: clothes    top
Miscellaneous/Modern: tops, skirts, vests    top
Other: pirate stilt coat, stilt pants    top
Clown pirate coat for stilts stilt basketball pants stilt bindings