1927 Reproduction Red Coat with Capelet With Wrap

Eventually, this may be part of an Egyptian inspired outfit. First worn as a Halloween work costume. My outfit was inspired by the Australian show, "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" even though I have not watched any episodes, yet. I am like a shorter, middle-aged sleuth. I don't think anyone at work realized what I was trying to do. I did get a couple of double takes when coworkers didn't recognize me at first glance, though.

Pattern: McCall's M7259
McCall's M7259 went together fairly well. I shortened the sleeves by 3" and left the length. The capelet should have been shortened a little, too. The pattern cover shows what looks like a button, but is actually some sort of added broach. The front is supposed to be held by snaps. I used the largest snaps I had which weren't really large enough so I added a big button. The capelet uses snaps, too. Any bigger and the snaps wouldn't fit on the seam allowance. The front ones tended to unsnap. The coat is more form fitting than a modern coat especially in the sleeves. Works okay with thinner silk dress. I added inside breast pockets and hidden inside side pockets. Pattern already has hidden side seam outside pockets.

McCall's 7259 Pattern and fabric

1927 Reproduction Red Coat with Capelet Front 1927 Reproduction Red Coat with Capelet Left 1927 Reproduction Red Coat with Capelet Back

Completed: October 2015