This site journals my costuming and sewing adventures over the years, some with progress photos. A few tutorials are included. Most of the items were sewn using purchased pattern, book, or instruction as a base with only a few items being completely drafted.

Some makes are highlighted below. For the older gallery of costumes and other sewn items click here.

Reproduction 1953 Green Evening Dress Reproduction 1878 Polonaise Natural Form Bustle Front - Black and Berry Evening Dress. Truly Victorian TV430. Reproduction 1878 Polonaise Natural Form Bustle - Rust Silk Day Dress. Truly Victorian TV430 and TV221  Reproduction 1878 Polonaise Natural Form Bustle - Poison Ivy. Truly Victorian TV430. Reproduction 1920s Magenta Evening Dress at Crocker ArtMix April 2023. Photo by Dez Vision Photography. Reproduction 1890s Goldiplaid Dress at Costume College 2023. Truly Victorian TV490 and McCall's M8231. Reproduction 1890s Red Can Can Dress - Laughing Moon 105 Reproduction 1790s Green Print Dress at Pelican Inn January 2023 Reproduction 1860s Apple Green Ballgown at Costume College July 2022.  Truly Victorian TV416. Reproduction 1760s Pet en l'air at CSUS Arboretum May 2022. Simplicity S8578. Reproduction 1916 Dress - Black Polka Dot. Wearing History #R124 Eloise McQueen and This Is Fine 2023. Simplicity 3688.  McQueen and This Is Fine at Costume College 2023. Simplicity 3688 and Butterick B5538. Photo by Mark Edwards Photography. Reproduction 1890s Goldiplaid Dress Bodice at Rossum House in Phoenix March 2022. McCall's M7732. Reproduction 1881 Pumpkin Spice Bustle at Tombstone October 2021. McCall's M8189. Reproduction 1916 Green Plaid Suit Left Quarter View. Reproduction 1900s Edwardian Walking Outfit Reproduction 1820s Orange Figured Ballgown at Not Playford Ball 2021. Laughing Moon 138. 1790s Open Robe over Round Gown Front at Grand Island Mansion February 2020. Reproduction 1870s black Watteau silk bustle dress Dolores Umbridge Hot Pink Dress 1960s Style. At Harry Potter's Wizarding World January 2019 1950s Reproduction Western Swing Red Dog Dress. At Western SwingOut May 2019 1910s reproduction evening dress burgundy silk 1830s Reproduction Plum Day Dresses at Dickens Fair 2018 1830s Reproduction Red Ball Dress 1870s Reproduction Blue Aqua Bustle Dress at Costume College 2018. Photo by Andrew Schmidt. Reproduction 1700s Orange Silk Court Gown. Photo by Andrew Schmidt. 1860s Reproduction Red Plaid Daydress. Dickens Fair 2014. Photo by Vivien Lee Reproduction Sheer Peach Victorian Day Dress with Flounces 1920s Reproduction Linen Suit holding Chartreuse drink