paisley tailcoat
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There was this wonderful paisley fabric sitting deep in a box of remnants that said it wanted to be a tailcoat. But the voice was muffled until it was opened one day. Then the voice was very clear and insistent. "Look what lovely colors and patterns I have, " it said. "Navy, gray, burgandy, green, beige. I would complement a fine man's wardrobe."

So, I pulled out a pattern and turned it into a men's double-breasted 6 button paisley tailcoat with navy satin lining and folded collar. The paisley fabric is an upholstery cotton type fabric. I also tried to add glove pockets to the tailcoat lining.

Now, of course, the dang tailcoat wants to be worn. It's never been with a man and wants to go dancing and such. What a whiner. So, if any of you good men would kindly like to take a paisley tailcoat out on dates and such, please consider purchasing it.

Men's Paisley Tailcoat (SOLD)
Small - pattern said chest 34-36"
No guarantees that the tailcoat will talk to you.

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Completed: ~January 2005