cardboard and duct tape bonnet

You have more time than money and want a lovely bonnet for yourself or for your sweetheart. Dang those expensive bonnets! Forget buckram and silk, you're sure you could make one out of cardboard and duct tape and have it look just fine. So right you are, governer! Here are some photographic instructions. Want me to make you a bonnet? How silly as you'd then pay over $100 of labor for a cardboard bonnet. Instructions are kind of crap, you say? No time for grumbling. Quit your complaining and get busy.

Disclaimers: Cardboard bonnets are heavier than other bonnets and will not take hat pins. Either the duct tape will gum up the hat pins or pinning cardboard over and over again will weaken and destroy the cardboard. This bonnet is the prototype and durability is unknown.

cardboard bonnet step 1
Cheerios cardboard box, metal wire hanger, duct tape.
cardboard bonnet step 2
Open up the box. Trace out your favorite bonnet pattern onto the cardboard. 1/2" seam allowance for back seam.
Shown: McCall's M5219
cardboard bonnet step 3
Cut coardboard. Untwist wire hanger and shape to brim edge of bonnet.
cardboard bonnet step 4
Duct tape wire to bonnet brim. Add more tape until wire is completely covered especially over the pokey ends.
cardboard bonnet step 5
Get another wire hanger. Untwist it. Bend it back and forth in the middle until it heats up and breaks. Take that wire and bend it into the circle back shape.
cardboard bonnet step 6
Duct tape wire circle to the cardboard. Leave an 1" on each side untaped. There will be overlap wires.
cardboard bonnet step 7
cardboard bonnet step 8
Overlap the 1/2 inch back seam and duck tape.
cardboard bonnet step 9
Duct tape the circle back to the bonnet.
cardboard bonnet step 10
Tape more of the edges. bonnet left bonnet back
bonnet right bonnet front bonnet top
cardboard bonnet step 11
What the heck. Duck tape the entire outside in hope this will keep the cardboard somewhat water proof.
cardboard bonnet step 12
Trace pattern with seam allowance around back circle and back edge and back seam. Cut out.
cardboard bonnet step 13
Cut out fabric for inside of bonnet, zigzag to fleece. Sew on any inside trim. In this blurry image there are two rows of gathered lace near the edge.
cardboard bonnet step 14
Sew back seam. Sew circle to bonnet.
cardboard bonnet step 15
cardboard bonnet step 16
Glue inside to the inside of the bonnet.
cardboard bonnet step 17
Glue seam binding to edge of bonnet.
cardboard bonnet step 18
cardboard bonnet step 19
Cut out felt or fabric for cover.
cardboard bonnet step 20
To make a faux drawn bonnet, cut fabric longer than the bonnet pattern. Make five or so gathering lines and "draw"/pull up the fabric.
cardboard bonnet step 21
Sew on the gathering lines. Trim fabric from edges, leaving front edge as trim is optional. Sew back seam and back to circle.
cardboard bonnet step 22
Make or measure out ribbon for ties. Should be at least 30 inches long from the tying edge on each side. Cut out fabric twice as long as bottom edge for bavolet (must be modest and cover the neck). Pin ribbon while cover is on bonnet for ribbon placement.
cardboard bonnet step 23
Remove cover from bonnet base. Gather bavolet. Sew bavolet to bottom edge on the gather lines. Sew down ribbon at back and at the front where the ties will meet.
cardboard bonnet step 24
cardboard bonnet step 25
cardboard bonnet step 26
Sew on any other trims. All the trim is done before placing cover on cardboard because may not be able to sew through the duct tape and cardboard afterwards.
cardboard bonnet step quarter
Glue cover to cardboard. bonnet left bonnet back
bonnet right bonnet front bonnet top bonnet inside

Completed: November 2008