Kenosha Comets reproduction home uniforms

Dress Instructions

These instructions are based on Simplicity 1880 with adjustments to the pattern to make it more like the uniform.
Simplicity 1880 Pattern Front
Here are the steps to making a uniform.

AAGPBL reproduction uniforms, Kenosha and a Peach Kenosha Comets reproduction home uniforms front Kenosha Comets reproduction home uniforms back

Kenosha Comets Movie Uniform

Change bodice pattern to lap right over left. What we are going for is something similar to this uniform with a slightly diagonal slant. Although it looks double breasted, on the inside of the movie version, the facing does not go all the way over. Peaches Movie Uniform Unbuttoned Kenosha Comets Movie Uniform Unbuttoned

Copy the bodice front pattern twice so that you will have left side and right side pattern pieces. Pencil in the markings especially the center front and where collar will be attached. [create photo]

Pin or tape center fronts [create photo]

Slight diagonal [create photo]

Add seam allowance [create photo]

Make front facing based on new pattern pieces [create photo]

Sleeves widen if desired. May need to shorten, can hem deeper. [create photo]

Shorten skirt pattern. Cut skirt front and back on fold so seam line does not show on front and back. [create photo]

Add belt loops centered over waist seam [create photo]

Back number centering and style [create photo]

Patches - May need to find someone to do the embroidery for the team patches. Catherine Scholar or Lynne Taylor may have embroidery machine pattern for the sleeve patch.

Shorts - use pajama or other elastic pants pattern. Make sure shorts are shorter than skirt. They will be short shorts.

Belt - can make fabric one with grommetted or sewn buttonholes

Hats - can buy plain hat and sew on patch/logo or buy one from reproduction company

Socks - sporting store

Shoes - black athletic shoes, sporty looking will do for photos.

Hair and Makeup - try 1940-50s pinup, Victory rolls, etc.


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